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Toned at 50: How this 49year old mother became toned, lean and sexy by the age of 50. by Helen Fong (Author)


Have you ever wondered why some women may be in their forties, fifties, or older but don’t look a day over twenty-five? They are healthy, fit and have bodies sculpted of pure muscle with a firm and toned look that become the envy of many.

The belief that you are limited because of your age is what might be holding you back from your dreams. As we grow older, age happens, but what if I showed you how to get toned using only natural means, some determination, a sprinkling of discipline and a whole of belief in yourself to get a toned at fifty body like mine.

This is my story.

When I was about to step into my fifties, I made a promise to myself. My coach, Allan Galang helped me fulfill my dreams. And through this book, it is my turn to help you.

I want you to feel beautiful inside and out, read this book and follow my routines. I have been where you are now, worked my way to the top, won championships, and have been inspiring women through my coaching program.

ISBNs: B098NFT39Z, 1777777305, 978-1777777302, 9781777777302