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Nail Therapies: Current Clinical Practice

2nd Edition 

by Robert Baran (Editor), Dimitris Rigopoulos (Editor), Chander Grover (Editor), Eckart Haneke (Editor) 

A succinct guide to treatment options, both medical and surgical, for both disorders and injuries of the nail.

From reviews of the first edition:
"This is a book about nail therapies that is relevant clinically while remaining a manageable size. It would be a useful tool for all clinicians managing nail disease, from the trainee to those embarking on a clinic dedicated to nail disease." Br J Dermatol

Contents: Anatomy and physiology of the nail unit * Psoriasis * Onychomycosis * Novel and emerging pharmacotherapy and device-based treatments for onychomycosis * Lichen planus * Onychotillomania (onychophagia, habit tic, median canaliform onychodystrophy) * Eczema * Acrodermatitis continua of Hallopeau * Herpes simplex (herpetic whitlow, herpetic paronychia) * Acute paronychia * Chronic paronychia * Warts * Yellow nail syndrome * Onycholysis * Nail fragility and beautification * Nail prostheses * Nail pigmentation * How to prevent and treat chemotherapy-induced nail abnormalities * Intralesional nail therapies * Drug side effects on the distal phalanx * Classical nail surgery and removal of the proximal nail fold * Surgery of some common nail tumors * Nail surgery complications * The painful nail * Radiation and the nail

Year: 2021
Pages: 201
Language: English
Format: PDF
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN-10: 036733478X, 0367334798
ISBN-13: 978-0367334789, 978-0367334796, 9780367334789, 9780367334796
Download Book Nail Therapies: Current Clinical Practice