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Handbook of Advanced Performability Engineering


1st ed. 2021 Edition 

by Krishna B. Misra (Editor) 

This book considers all aspects of performability engineering, providing a holistic view of the activities associated with a product throughout its entire life cycle of the product, as well as the cost of minimizing the environmental impact at each stage, while maximizing the performance. Building on the editor's previous Handbook of Performability Engineering, it explains how performability engineering provides us with a framework to consider both dependability and sustainability in the optimal design of products, systems and services, and explores the role of performability in energy and waste minimization, raw material selection, increased production volume, and many other areas of engineering and production.

The book discusses a range of new ideas, concepts, disciplines, and applications in performability, including smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0; cyber-physical systems and artificial intelligence; digital transformation of railways; and asset management.

Given its broad scope, it will appeal to researchers, academics, industrial practitioners and postgraduate students involved in manufacturing, engineering, and system and product development.


Year: 2021
Pages: 809
Language: English
Format: PDF
Size: 21 MB
Publisher: Springer
ISBN-10: 3030557316
ISBN-13: 978-3030557317
Tag: Download Book Handbook of Advanced Performability Engineering