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Data Sketches: A journey of imagination, exploration, and beautiful data visualizations


(AK Peters Visualization Series) 1st Edition 

by Nadieh Bremer (Author), Shirley Wu (Author) 

In Data Sketches, Nadieh Bremer and Shirley Wu document the deeply creative process behind 24 unique data visualization projects, and they combine this with powerful technical insights which reveal the mindset behind coding creatively. Exploring 12 different themes – from the Olympics to Presidents & Royals and from Movies to Myths & Legends – each pair of visualizations explores different technologies and forms, blurring the boundary between visualization as an exploratory tool and an artform in its own right. This beautiful book provides an intimate, behind-the-scenes account of all 24 projects and shares the authors’ personal notes and drafts every step of the way.

The book features:

  • Detailed information on data gathering, sketching, and coding data visualizations for the web, with screenshots of works-in-progress and reproductions from the authors’ notebooks
  • Never-before-published technical write-ups, with beginner-friendly explanations of core data visualization concepts
  • Practical lessons based on the data and design challenges overcome during each project
  • Full-color pages, showcasing all 24 final data visualizations

This book is perfect for anyone interested or working in data visualization and information design, and especially those who want to take their work to the next level and are inspired by unique and compelling data-driven storytelling.


Year: 2021
Pages: 428
Language: English
Format: PDF
Size: 160 MB
Publisher: A K Peters/CRC Press
ISBN-10: 0367000083, 0367000121
ISBN-13: 978-0367000080, 978-0367000127
Tag: Download Book Data Sketches: A journey of imagination, exploration, and beautiful data visualizations (AK Peters Visualization Series) 1st Edition