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Computational Non-coding RNA Biology

  Computational Non-coding RNA Biology


Computational Non-coding RNA Biology

by Yun Zheng

Computational Non-coding RNA Biology is a resource for the computation of non-coding RNAs. The book covers computational methods for the identification and quantification of non-coding RNAs, including miRNAs, tasiRNAs, phasiRNAs, lariat originated circRNAs and back-spliced circRNAs, the identification of miRNA/siRNA targets, and the identification of mutations and editing sites in miRNAs. The book introduces basic ideas of computational methods, along with their detailed computational steps, a critical component in the development of high throughput sequencing technologies for identifying different classes of non-coding RNAs and predicting the possible functions of these molecules.

Finding, quantifying, and visualizing non-coding RNAs from high throughput sequencing datasets at high volume is complex. Therefore, it is usually possible for biologists to complete all of the necessary steps for analysis.

  • Presents a comprehensive resource of computational methods for the identification and quantification of non-coding RNAs
  • Introduces 23 practical computational pipelines for various topics of non-coding RNAs
  • Provides a guide to assist biologists and other researchers dealing with complex datasets
  • Introduces basic computational methods and provides guidelines for their replication by researchers
  • Offers a solution to researchers approaching large and complex sequencing datasets

Year    2019
Pages    299
Language    English
Format    PDF
Size    30.5 MB
Publisher    Academic Press
ISBN    0128143657, 978-0128143650, B07HF4NP5G