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Component-Based Software Engineering: Methods and Metrics



1st Edition 

by Umesh Kumar Tiwari (Author), Santosh Kumar (Author) 

This book focuses on a specialized branch of the vast domain of software engineering: component-based software engineering (CBSE). Component-Based Software Engineering: Methods and Metrics enhances the basic understanding of components by defining categories, characteristics, repository, interaction, complexity, and composition. It divides the research domain of CBSE into three major sub-domains: (1) reusability issues, (2) interaction and integration issues, and (3) testing and reliability issues. This book covers the state-of-the-art literature survey of at least 20 years in the domain of reusability, interaction and integration complexities, and testing and reliability issues of component-based software engineering.

The aim of this book is not only to review and analyze the previous works conducted by eminent researchers, academicians, and organizations in the context of CBSE, but also suggests innovative, efficient, and better solutions. A rigorous and critical survey of traditional and advanced paradigms of software engineering is provided in the book.


  • In-interactions and Out-Interactions both are covered to assess the complexity.
  • In the context of CBSE both white-box and black-box testing methods and their metrics are described.
  • This work covers reliability estimation using reusability which is an innovative method.
  • Case studies and real-life software examples are used to explore the problems and their solutions.

Students, research scholars, software developers, and software designers or individuals interested in software engineering, especially in component-based software engineering, can refer to this book to understand the concepts from scratch. These measures and metrics can be used to estimate the software before the actual coding commences.


Year: 2021
Pages: 226
Language: English
Format: PDF
Size: 12 MB
Publisher: Chapman and Hall/CRC
ISBN-10: 0367354888
ISBN-13: 978-0367354886
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