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Cloud Computing: Concepts and Technologies



1st Edition 

by Sunilkumar Manvi (Author), Gopal Shyam (Author) 

Comprehensive and timely, Cloud Computing: Concepts and Technologies offers a thorough and detailed description of cloud computing concepts, architectures, and technologies, along with guidance on the best ways to understand and implement them. It covers the multi-core architectures, distributed and parallel computing models, virtualization, cloud developments, workload and Service-Level-Agreements (SLA) in cloud, workload management. Further, resource management issues in cloud with regard to resource provisioning, resource allocation, resource mapping and resource adaptation, ethical, non-ethical and security issues in cloud are followed by discussion of open challenges and future directions.

This book gives students a comprehensive overview of the latest technologies and guidance on cloud computing, and is ideal for those studying the subject in specific modules or advanced courses. It is designed in twelve chapters followed by laboratory setups and experiments. Each chapter has multiple choice questions with answers, as well as review questions and critical thinking questions. The chapters are practically-focused, meaning that the information will also be relevant and useful for professionals wanting an overview of the topic.


Year: 2021
Pages: 350
Language: English
Format: PDF
Size: 11 MB
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN-10: 0367554615, 0367554593
ISBN-13: 978-0367554613, 978-0367554590
Tag: Download Book Cloud Computing: Concepts and Technologies


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