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Beton-Kalender 2021: Schwerpunkte: Fertigteile; Integrale Bauwerke



(German) 1st edition 

by Konrad Bergmeister (Author), Frank Fingerloos (Author), Johann – Dietrich W├Ârner (Author) 

The topic of sustainability, the conscious and careful use of resources in new and existing buildings will be highlighted in the concrete calendar 2021 from the special perspective of building with prefabricated parts and upgrading. In addition to updated articles on service life assessment, the basics of building with precast concrete elements in building construction and wood-concrete composite construction, special attention is given to resource efficiency when building with concrete prefabricated elements. This involves innovative approaches to design, joining techniques and manufacturing technologies (including automation). In this context, the element construction with lattice girders should also be mentioned, which in turn combines the advantages of prefabrication with the flexibility of in-situ concrete construction.

The subject of sustainability also includes careful handling of existing structures. In the concrete calendar, the reinforcement of concrete components with glued reinforcement and screw connections is taken up. In addition to an updated article on glued reinforcements with CFRP lamellas and steel straps with explanations and examples, the DAfStb guideline "Reinforcing concrete components with glued reinforcement" is printed.

Under the focus on "Integral Structures", the concrete calendar summarizes the current state of knowledge for this type of construction for bridges and supporting structures in building construction. A number of articles are devoted to new types of concrete and their possible uses in terms of new construction and upgrading, such as UHPC, steel fiber concrete and infra-light concrete.


Year: 2021
Pages: 1276
Language: German
Format: PDF
Size: 65 MB
Publisher: Ernst & Son
ISBN-10: 3433033013
ISBN-13: 978-3433033012

Tag: Download the book Concrete Calendar 2021: Focus: Precast parts; Integral structures


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