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Bacteriophages: Biology, Technology, Therapy



1st ed. 2021 Edition 

by David R. Harper (Editor), Stephen T. Abedon (Editor), Benjamin H. Burrowes (Editor), Malcolm L. McConville (Editor) 

This first major reference work dedicated to the mannifold industrial and medical applications of bacteriophages provides both theoretical and practical insights into the emerging field of bacteriophage biotechnology. The book introduces to bacteriophage biology, ecology and history and reviews the latest technologies and tools in bacteriophage detection, strain optimization and nanotechnology. Usage of bacteriophages in food safety, agriculture, and different therapeutic areas is discussed in detail.

This book serves as essential guide for researchers in applied microbiology, biotechnology and medicine coming from both academia and industry.


Year: 2021
Pages: 1200
Language: English
Format: PDF
Size: 26 MB
Publisher: Springer
ISBN-10: 3319419854, 3319419862
ISBN-13: 978-3319419855, 978-3319419862
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